Small Business War Stories; Ep. 32: "How to Start a Photography Business"

For the last three years since becoming a small buisness owner I have been asked on many occasions "How did you go from shooting photos and videos with your cell phone to making a living as a full time photographer, videographer, and small business owner?" Well to be clear this was a process that is still in the making. It is true I have made leaps and bounds to get where I am, but I am still learning the business side of things every day.  

As I approach the third anniversary of my company I thought it would be fitting to share with you a podcast that sums up how Mitchell Multimedia came to be and how I have grown as a business owner since 2014.  I sat down to speak with Pablo Fuentes on his podcast, Small Business War Stories. Check out the latest episode featuring Mitchell Multimedia! We talk about photography, music and the fusion of the two. Follow the link to listen to the podcast ----->